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Save yourself the cost of replacing your dryer.

Fast and affordable dryer repair services are available; we're just one call and moments away from helping you out. We are located in Quincy and hold a solid reputation and deep clientele. We offer appliance repair assistance for both local businesses and residents. Our team regularly provides maintenance for laundromats in the Quincy area. We can fix any machine, whether it's household or commercial model - including coin-operated machines, of course!

We provide the competitive rates in town. Our logic is that you should only be paying for the service we provide. Instead of billing you for gas, travel time, etc., we go a fairer route. We actually just bill for parts & labor, unless you skip the repair - if so, pay a service call fee and that's it.

Often times we complete a repair on-site when we go out to diagnose an appliance. Why? Because our repair techs come equipped with common replacement parts, which greatly speeds up the whole process. Alternatively, if we need to go to one of our local parts suppliers - they are a quick drive away. Also, any corporate savings we receive will apply to you as we only bill the actual cost of the part(s). You can relax knowing your repair is left in fair hands. We don't have any surprise fees waiting around the corner. Our repair techs have literally helped out thousands of local clients over the years. Our reputation is not only in the quality of our work, but in the fairness of our billing system as well. You pay for what you get!

Do not hesitate to reach out. We're waiting for your call.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Does your dryer regularly trip its breaker? This problem can come on suddenly and its usually because there is a part inside of your dryer that's starting to break. For instance, if the heating element is shorting out it will result in a tripped circuit. You can run a continuity test on the various parts, such as the heating element and its assembly - to determine whether they are causing the circuit to trip. The same test can be used to see if the terminal block or drive motor are at fault. If no luck, the circuit might need replaced.


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