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Do you have a problem with your washing machine?

Don't throw your money at a new unit. Your unit can be brought back to working order for a fraction of the machine's replacement cost. When you work with one of the best in town, getting your appliance fixed will not be a decision that you regret. We're washer repair veterans. With many dependable and highly-trained repair professionals on board, our team overachieves every single year. We continue to offer the most competitive repair rates in town. Call for a quote now, we are very confident that you will not regret choosing to work with us!

Why are our rates so competitive? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward...

We're not charging you for 'this and that,' your bill will not contain every little charge we can possibly think up. We only want to be compensated for our time and refuned for what we spend on items for your repair. You pay the cost of any replacement parts, no markup so you pay what we pay. We cut out the service call fee since you're paying for a repair. We'll just bill our cost for the time to complete the repair so our repair technician can be properly compensated for his time. That's the secret that makes our repair services so affordable. Our competitive rates are consistent and not a one-time offer. Clients throughout Quincy MA regularly come back to us when they suffer other appliance issues. We also get many clients through first-hand referrals as our brand is highly recommended in the area.

Whether you're a small business, homeowner or tenant, we're ready to work with you. Call us at (617) 398-4460 and book an appointment around your schedule. We're here to make your repair job as fast and affordable as possible!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

If this is an irregular odor, such as a smell of mildew, opt for a cleaning product that has bleach, baking soda or vinegar in it. These cleaners are very strong and fully capable of ridding the root of the bad smell. For the most effective results, nothing will get by bleach - avoid mixing it with other chemicals, though, as this could be dangerously toxic. Clean your washer on your own too (rub it down), don't expect the cleaning mode to create sufficient results. Clean it by hand for a real difference.


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