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Is your fridge not working properly all of a sudden?

Is it starting to defrost and all of your food is going to waste? Save yourself the loss and contact a trusted Quincy MA based appliance repair company to rectify your troubles immediately. Our refrigerator repair specialists are on-hand and ready to accommodate any emergency repair needs. Get your fridge up and running again today; don't leave yourself to throw out everything that's inside. With many general parts stocked in our work vehicles, we regularly get our repairs done in super fast fashion.

Our repair techs can also pick up replacement parts from our local suppliers. We graciously pass forward any discounts we receive as well. When you receive your invoice all you will be responsible for paying is the cost of the parts plus our labor. Pass on the repair? Not to worry, we will only bill you our standard service call fee. We are just one ring away at (617) 398-4460 and available for urgent repairs. Our team has an extensive history and solid reputation in Quincy and its surrounding regions. If you need help do not hesitate to reach out.

We'll set up your appointment, diagnose the problem and quote you what we will charge. Your final bill will be for the amount for your replacement part(s) and the labor provided by our service provider. No hidden fees whatsoever; if you don't get a repair, just pay your service call charge instead.

Who do we serve? Our clients consist of local residents, businesses, property owners, schools, churches, etc. We regularly work on commercial refrigerators for small businesses in Quincy - we provide reliable, on-demand maintenance and repair services. Give us a shot, you won't regret it!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Many refrigerator issues are easily prevented with a little bit of maintenance effort. One of the best examples of this is issues with freezing or clogged water lines. You can watch for frost accumulation, or if you notice any signs of an obstruction - simply use a hairdryer to defrost the pipe. The liquid will leak out and things will return to normal. These freeze-ups are very dangerous to your fridge as they can cause unnecessary pressure on other internal parts. Save yourself the hefty repair cost by executing proper maintenance; check every 3-6 months at least.


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