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Successful stove repair work is what we're known for throughout the Quincy MA region.

Whether it's a commercial or residential stove, one of our appliance repair specialists can have your unit repaired to new working order. With timely services from a team you can trust, you'll be happy you chose us to handle your repair.

We begin our journey by getting you to call and book the appointment. We'll figure out when you are free to have a repair tech come and inspect your appliance. From there, an action plan will be issued alongside your repair estimate. We can execute the plan and get your machine working again if you're comfortable with the quote.

That said, our Quincy appliance repair clients are very happy with what we charge. We are one of few repair companies in town that bills exclusively for the cost of parts and labor. You heard correctly, we're not dinging you for the diagnosis when you decide to order a repair from us. You won't pay per mile for our travels, you don't overpay for our effort on the repair - if it's a job that should take two hours based on the blue book standards - we will bill according to that, even if it takes longer.

Our team have many years of experience working on all different types of stoves. Whether you have a simple electric or convection oven, a natural gas stove or a commercial unit, chances are we've worked on a model just like yours before. We also make sure to carry various generic parts with us that can often work for quick, common repairs.

Call us today at (617) 398-4460 and we'll get your repair call set up immediately!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

The latest models come with an array of features and functions, some useful and others not so important. The truth is that many modern stoves aren't basic units. You have specialty parts that can get costly if they break and need to be replaced at any point. For instance, Wi-Fi connectivity is cool and all but the technology is far from perfect and when a related repair is required, many consumers deeply regret buying a unit with this feature. Do your research, check reviews, read complaints on Consumer Reports, etc., don't go into your purchase blindly!


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